Restful API for Solar plant production and Weather forecast data

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How to stop automatic payments

When you subscribe to our service, we automatically create a subscription that is linked to your PayPal account.

Even if you cancel your automatic payment, your subscription will stay active for the remainder of the subscription period.

You would have received a payment notification from PayPal if you paid with your PayPal balance. Follow this link or log into your PayPal account and manage your payment.

Log into your PayPal recurring payments page. (

  • Click on “Show Active”.
  • Click on “Knut Kohl . Consulting” (our company name) and “Cancel”.

Checked out as a guest (without logging in)

If you made the subscription as a guest, please contact us via email or Discord. We will cancel your subscription for you.

Please provide the subscription Id given by PayPal or your email address, its the key to find your subscription :-)

PayPal FAQs

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