Find your azimuth

Find your azimuth


For HomeAssistant you can use in both cases the determined azimuth value as is, for direct API calls you must convert it according to the convention:

azimuth = azimuth - 180

Open Street Map Compass

  • Click Draw single leg route
  • Find your location and zoom in as far as possible
  • Click Show compass
  • Move and rotate the compass in place, north is always at the top of the map
  • Get your azimuth (upper right corner), for me abt. 172°


  • Go to SunCalc
  • Find your location (input upper left) and zoom in as far as possible, north is always at the top of the map
  • Switch the map to “OSM” (on the map top right)

  • Click on a suitable corner of your building
  • Draw the time at the top so that the sun falls vertically on your modules …

  • … to get a view like this

  • Find your azimuth on the left: