Damping factor

Damping factor

With the URL parameters you can adjust the result in the morning and the evening.

:!: If damping_morning and/or damping_evening is given, damping will be ignored!

Variant 1

Combined in one parameter damping (factors separated by comma if needed):

  ?damping=<factor morning and evening>
  ?damping=<factor morning>,<factor evening>


  • ?damping=1 use in the morning and in the evening a factor of 1
  • ?damping=0,1 use in the morning a factor of 0 and in the evening a factor of 1

Variant 2

For APPs checking format of parameters during configuration, use the 2 separate parameters damping_morning and/or damping_evening:

Types: float, 0..1

  ?damping_morning=<factor> >>> same as ?damping=<factor>,0
  ?damping_evening=<factor> >>> same as ?damping=0,<factor>
  ?damping_morning=<factor1>&damping_evening=<factor2> >>> same as ?damping=<factor1>,<factor2>

With the default of 0, no modification will be made at all.

Blue is the original forecast and red the adjusted one.