Adjust forecast

Adjust forecast

(Personal account upwards)

You can send actual production data to adjust the forecast matching your actual real production, it will affect only the actual day, not the next days.

The internal correction observes all planes and corrects the forecast as a whole.

:!: Please note that if you send correction data very early in the day, this can have a massive effect on the daily forecast!

Submit the actual absolute plant production direct during a forecast request.

With any call for a forecast

you can direct add a query parameter (always in absolute kWh)

?actual=<float kWh>

In the message > info section of the response the used corrections will be included.

If you add also the limit parameter with 0, no response will be returned, but HTTP status code 204.

?limit=0&actual=<float kWh>


Just in case, to reset the correction factors and delete the actual value just send 0.