Restful API for Solar plant production and Weather forecast data

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Some tips for the integration of Forecast.Solar into your APP.

API key

The API key will always match this regular expression and should checked during configuration of an APP.


If a API key was given by user, you can check if it is valid with

Returns HTTP status 200 on success with key information as payload, 400 otherwise.

HTTP return codes

  • 200: ok
  • 400: A malformed API key was provided or the URL is not correct build
  • 401 or 403: An invalid API key was provided

See the message section of the reponse for error code and text.

Location pre-check

To check, if the given location is valid, you can use the check route.

Chart event

When a chart is loaded, a custom event is fired: fs.chart.loaded on window

The event details hold in container the chart wrapper.

window.addEventListener('fs.chart.loaded', e => console.log(e.detail.container));
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