Restful API for Solar plant production and Weather forecast data

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Solar energy is one of the environmentally sustainable resources for producing electricity using photovoltaic systems. The main input data used in the planning process is solar radiation. We have developed a solar radiation database from climatologic data homogenized for Europe and available in the European Solar Radiation Atlas, using the r.sun model and the interpolation techniques s.vol.rst and


The Forecast Data API grew out of the original weather data API we built for Dark Sky. The Dark Sky API was designed to be very specialized for hyperlocal forecasting, and therefore was very tightly coupled to its data sources. As we tried to expand its scope, we found that cramming other data sources into it was rather like fitting a square peg into a round hole; in the end, we decided to rebuild the API from scratch.
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Weather Underground has challenged the conventions around how weather information is shared with the public since 1993. We're immensely proud of the unique products that our community and meteorologists have created to improve people's access to meaningful weather data from around the globe. As the Internet's 1st weather service, we consider ourselves pioneers within our field and we're constantly seeking new data sets and the next technologies that will help us share more data with more people.
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Our mission is to provide a global geospatial platform which is affordable to users and enables them to operate effortlessly with Earth Observation data like satellite imagery, weather data, and similar data sources. With our platform you can easily build new data-driven products for agriculture, logistics, retail, transportation, and many others.
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From PVGIS the daily radiation data are used to calculate the forecast for a specific plane defined by declination and azimuth at a specific location in Europe. From DarkSky and Wunderground the combined cloud coverages forecast and the temperatures will be used for the solar production forecast.